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Chaos Theory


Indian professors in America. 30 Years of Shakespeare, verbal duels, jokes, alcohol. And the imperfect physics of love.

over 250 productions including the first Indian play to be The Finalist at The BBC World Playwriting Competition 2007, Alter Ego Productions, SALAAM Theatre, Producers Club, Here Theatre-Soho, 78 th Street Theatre Lab, American Theatre of Actors, Columbia University,  TBG Theatre, American Place Theatre, Bodhi Art Gallery, Greenwich Street Theatre- all in New York City, ArtWallah Festival- Los Angeles, Georgetown University, STAGE festival–Washington DC, Edward Albee Theatre Festival- Alaska, Rasik Arts- Toronto. In India, Dubai, Muscat- staged by Rage Productions’ directed by Rahul Da Cunha. 50th show – April 2011.  




ALSO PUBLISHED IN: Beyond Bollywood and Broadway- South Asian plays from The Diaspora

Disco Dancer Anuvab Pal

Disco Dancer – A Comedy in 5 Acts

2011 Published by Harper Collins India.

In the history of world cinema, there will be few films where you can hear the words come sing and conquer or he has guitar phobia or he has murdered over thirty disco dancers in London. And even if you did, chances of them being in the same film are slim. That’s till Disco Dancer came along.


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2011. New Delhi, India. India’s year of protests. In the corridoors of power, an aging, washed-up civil servant is biding away his time, waiting for his retirement in the basement of South Block, the heart of India’s administration, when The Home Minister, the 2nd most powerful office after The Prime Minister, calls for him.An emergency requires the Bureaucrat’s  skills to solve it. The emergency is that a 100,000 young people plan to take off their pants in a peaceful protest against the hapless government. His skills to solve it – the protest is organized by an aging MTV VJ who happens to be The Bureaucrat’s son.

Currently playing in Mumbai and touring nationwide.


The recession is affecting the world. Many Americans are depressed. Many are suicidal. Arun Gupta has a business plan. If everything can be outsourced, why not suicide?

Premiered in Mumbai July 2008. Produced by Raell Padamsee Productions. 22 Shows in Mumbai. 3 shows in Kolkata (Treehat Productions). Also, Lark Theatre NYC, Shunya Theatre, Houston.

Published by Random House India. 

Anuvab Pal The President Is Coming

The President Is Coming


George W Bush is set to visit India. Six Indians will have to compete to win a chance to shake hands with him.

Premiered at The Rage Productions/ Royal Court Theatre Writers Bloc Festival  2007 in Mumbai, to welcome reviews and ran to sold out houses in Mumbai, Chennai. Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Muscat and many other cities. Produced by Q Theatre Productions. Directed by Kunaal Roy Kapur. Also staged by Salaam Theatre in NYC.  40th show- March 2011.


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Fatwa! Anuvab Pal


2 old failed novelists. An expected death edict that never comes. Till one novelist asks the friend to react violently.  The only qualification of the friend: he is “middle eastern looking”.

Only Indian playwright at The New York International Fringe Festival 2004, the play sold out and transferred to Blue Heron Arts Center to packed houses-NYC. Also, Silk Road Theatre-Chicago.  

Out Of Fashion (One Act)

London. 1940’s and Present Day. The accidental murder of an Indian freedom fighter at a Saville Rowe Tailor shop. Or the history of Indian independence, as seen through posh suits.

Asian-American Writers Workshop, Manhattan Theatre Source- in NYC, Edward Albee Theatre Festival – Alaska.

Life, Love&EBITDA

London. New York and Mumbai. One Christmas weekend. One multinational manhole cover company. A mega Wall Street merger. 6 Women, Billions, and the meaning of value.

Joseph Papp Public Theatre, NYC, New Works Now! Festival 2003, Lark Theatre-South Asian Diaspora Festival 2003, Epic Theatre – in NYC, Finalist-Playwrights Center/Guthrie Theatre- Minnesota, Artwallah Festival-Los Angeles.