Why Does Everyone Hate the British Empire?

Al Murray investigates the British Empire in a new documentary series for Sky History. He is joined by Anuvab Pal in India.


Al Murray and Anuvab Pal, standing outside, somewhere in India

Melbourne Comedy Festival 2019

The Indian All-Star Comedy Showcase, featuring the hottest artists from the subcontinent, returns for a third year! 


Melbourne Comedy Festival

Guardian Interview

Empire state of mind: the comedian untangling India’s identity crisis

 ‘I wanted to understand this bizarre generation of anglicised Indians’ … Anuvab Pal.

Reckoning with colonialism is on the minds of third-generation diaspora kids. Projects such as the Crimes of Britain website are monitoring Britain’s imperial legacy for today’s youth and interrogating Britain’s …Read on

Anuvab Pal Guardian Interview

Hosted India’s Best Places To Work 2018 (Economic Times/ Great Place To Work)

India's Best Companies